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What will I be charged for attorney services?

Attorney fees are charged in three different fashions - hourly, fixed, or contingent.  For most legal work, you will be charged on a hourly basis for the time spent by the attorney on your case.  This includes meetings, phone calls, researching case law or regulations, preparing documents, and appearing in court.  For some services, will preparation, incorporations, contracts, and real estate closings, a fixed fee will be charged for the services.  If your case involves personal injury, the attorney fees will be paid out of any judgment recovered.  In most cases, the attorney fees equal one-third of the amount recovered.

How long will my case take to resolve?

Every case is different, but depending on the complexity and position of the opposing party, most cases that are litigated take between 18 months to three years to resolve.  For this reason, mediation is often recommended as an alternative to trial litigation. 

Will the Court make the other side pay my attorney cost?

grand rapids attorneyIn most cases, you are responsible for your own attorney fees.  Unless a specific statute authorizes the awarding of attorney fees or sanctions are awarded for rejecting a mediation award or settlement offer, each party must pay their own attorney fees.  Usually attorney fees cannot be added to damages, unless there is a specific provision in a contract where the parties agreed to be responsible for the other side's attorney expense.

Do I really need an attorney?

Like any profession, attorneys are required to complete several years of schooling and be certified by a state licensing agency.  In Michigan, attorneys are required to graduate from law school and pass a Bar examination before they are certified by the State Bar of Michigan to practice law.   Although there are computer programs available to prepare legal documents, failure to comply with Michigan law and execution requirements could render the documents useless and unenforceable.  Depending on your situation, the expense of an attorney may prevent or avoid unnecessary litigation costs due to improperly prepared documents.

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