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Lawrence Wilson

business attorneyAn experienced business attorney who has practiced in Michigan since 1982.  In addition to his law degree, Mr. Wilson has advance degrees in Business (MBA in Marketing) and Taxation (MST in Taxation).

Mr. Wilson's areas of expertise include Business, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Probate Administration, Taxation, and Facilitative Mediation.  For detailed information on Lawrence Wilson, click here


Terry Heiss

real estate attorneyAn experienced litigator who has practiced in Michigan since 1984.  Mr. Heiss trial experience extends from the US Court of Appeals to Federal District Court to Michigan Circuit Court.  In addition to representing his clients in trial litigation, he has argued client's case with numerous school boards and government commissions.  His expertise in boundary disputes and billboard litigation is well-known in the area.

Mr. Heiss' areas of expertise include trial litigation, real estate disputes, personal injury, public school rights, and commercial negotiations. 

Bruce Block

Bruce Block has been a lawyer in West Michigan for over 20 years. He has considerable trial experience in both civil and criminal cases. He is experienced with handling high profile cases. He has had several Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Court of Appeals cases published.